Harga dan Spesifikasi Samsung Galaxy A6+ SM-A605 - Gold

Harga dan Spesifikasi Samsung Galaxy A6+ SM-A605 – Gold

Detail produk dari Samsung Galaxy A6+ SM-A605 – Gold
  • Infinity Display 6-inch
  • Bokeh Effect and Low Light Camera
  • Kamera belakang 16+5MP, dan kamera depan berresolusi 24MP
  • Super AMOLED and Full Metal Body Bixby
  • Prosesor Octa Core
  • RAM 4GB, memori internal 32GB – Memori eksternal up to 265GB
  • Kompatibel untuk Gear VR
  • Baterai 3500 mAh – fast-charging

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The bright way to capture
Make sure your images stay bright wherever you shoot. Galaxy A6+ features a 24MP camera with a faster, wide aperture F1.9 lens to let in more light when capturing in darker environments.

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Get imaginative with your images
Add some creative flair to your photos. Galaxy A6+ comes with various camera modes, stickers and creative filters to liven up what you capture and organize your images and videos by theme.

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Make your creative photos sharable
Edit your photos and videos with various imaginative effects to create your own customized story. With your contents, you can easily categorize and share them with friends and family thanks to more enhanced features.

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Focus where needed
With Live Focus, user can manually adjust the depth of field before and after the photoshoot for better focus manageability.

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Convenient Wi-Fi switching
Save time enabling and disabling Wi-Fi. Galaxy A6+ lets you store Wi-Fi history and will automatically switch on and off when entering and exiting frequently used hotspots. Now you can enjoy seamless connectivity while reducing mobile data usage when moving in and out of Wi-Fi zones.

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Dual Messenger
Divide your work messages and personal chats with ease. With Dual Messenger, you can now connect to two different chat accounts on your favorite messenger apps*—and it†s simple to install the second instance from the Home screen or the settings menu.

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Your personal mobile manager

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Apa yang ada di dalam kotak : 1 x Unit Handphone 1 x Kabel Data 1 x Charger 1 x Earphone 1 x Kartu Garansi 1 x Buku Panduan
Samsung Galaxy A6+
Samsung Galaxy A6+
Spesifikasi dari Samsung Galaxy A6+ SM-A605 – Gold
  • Merek
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    Garansi Lokal
  • Model
    Samsung Galaxy A6+ SM-A605 – Gold
  • Masa Garansi
    1 Tahun

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